My family is very creative.  Some of my children have developed their skills in art, 2 D and 3 D visual art, and music,gardening, singing, cooking, sewing. IT, etc.


My grandchildren are also creative and I hope to add their work here soon.

LUCILLE JODOIN (Titi) — Sculptor

My second  child, born  in London, England. Mother of 2 daughters. She states:  “Because my mother is an artist, I have been an artist all of my life, although nothing really excited me until I discovered stone carving.


REGGATONY (Anthony Jodoin) — Musician

Reggatony born in 1961 has been Sharing his Love for Reggae Music for many years! Reggatony Has performed on streets and clubs in Ottawa,Toronto,Nova Scotia, Vancouver, V.I ,Nelson and surrounding Islands as well as Auckland New Zealand and acoustic Reggae fire cicles in Jamiaca with the wise Elders. RastaFari!

Ali Valley (Alexa Jodoin) — Painter, Singer and Illustrator

Mother of 4.  Two daughters and two sons. Loves valley life, and creating beautiful art. Here are a few examples

Joseph Jodoin (Joe) — Musician and Singer

His wife is a Zoomba instructor, and they love their new house in Ontario


Victoria Jodoin (Victo) — Painter and Micro Bio Technician

Mother of 2 boys. Lives in Montreal Here are a few examples of her work: