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LUCILLE PROULX  ~  My life and art journey
Mother, Grand-mother, great grandmother, artist, author, art therapist.


Marie Lucille Denise Proulx, youngest of a family of nine children,  was born in the midst of the great depression in the family home on Murray Street in Ottawa, Ontario.


Her father, Deova Proulx, was an electrician and a great storyteller.  He loved to listen to the Saturday opera on CBC Radio.  Her mother, Eva Savard, a woman typical of the Victorian era, was a milliner by trade.  It is from her the seeds of artistic creation were planted, as in her every day life her mother taught her basic art concepts of form, line, colour, texture, composition and aesthetics. 

These took root through a variety of every day creative activities in the form of colouring books, wax crayons, and her skills in embroidery, knitting, sewing, cooking and cake decoration. 


Lucille also had a remarkable grandmother, Julia Laviollette Savard, who was already in her 80s at Lucille's birth.  Her legacy to Lucille and family was her community working skills.  She had been the President of the Federation of French Canadian Women, working for the rights of French schools in Ottawa and women's suffrage rights.  Lucille's paternal grandfather was a commercial artist.  


Lucille followed in the footsteps of these strong ancestors, having reared eight children and developed her talents as an artist, writer and community worker.  Lucille was President of the Ottawa Twins Parents’ Association, Member of the Family Enrichment Association of Ottawa West, and served on the  Board’s Family Enrichment Coordinating Committee. She trained to give Effective Parenting Courses with the Adlerian Society, and presented her work at many national and international conferences. 


Lucille began university studies at the age of fifty.  She became a professional Art Therapist holding a Master's Degree and devoted her career to work with parents and children.   She also wrote books on her experiences in order to share them with others. From 1998-2000 she served as President of the Association des Art-therapeutes du Quebec (AATQ).  Lucille continues to propagate the benefits of Art Therapy in Canada and abroad.  She is also an exhibiting artist.




Marie Lucille Denise Proulx was born in the family home on Murray Street in Ottawa, Ontario.


The beginning of the Second World War, and Lucille begins school at L'Ecole Ste-Anne, Ottawa.


The end of the War, and Lucille begins her higher education in English at the High School of Commerce in Ottawa, where she completes her senior matriculation.  Her art professor Mr. Darby initiates her in painting scenery for the Orpheus Society, a local musical production group.


Marriage to Gerard Jodoin, which marks the beginning of a fruitful career as mother of eight children, a career that parallels her artistic endeavours.  The family re-locates with each of Gerard’s naval postings.


A young mother with her first child, a daughter, Lucille takes up residence in Victoria, British Columbia in the house of Joseph Albert Fortin, oldest brother of the celebrated contemporary Quebecois painter, Marc Aurele Fortin.  For the first time she is confronted with the academic art of a living artist.


Lucille moves to Nova Scotia and gives birth to a son.  She has a close relationship with artist William de Garthe.  She observes, but does not dare express herself artistically.  She does not see herself as an artist.


Now living in London, England, Lucille gives birth to her second and third daughters. She discovers the art of Dali and whenever she has a free moment she visits the galleries and museums.


Lucille tours Amsterdam, Holland and becomes impassioned by the art of Rembrandt.  She travels through parts of Europe to Paris to discover modern art in historical Montmartre.


Upon her return to Canada she makes her home in St. Johns, Newfoundland, begins art courses at Memorial University and prepares for the birth of her fifth child, a son.


The family now consists of five children.  They settle in Gatineau, Quebec, and Lucille, in spite of all her child caring duties, finds time to paint landscapes of this beautiful Outaouais region.


Lucille studies still-life gouache painting with artist Roger Lariviere, and gives birth to her sixth child, a son.


She studies acrylic painting and spontaneous art expression at the Jean-Claude Fortin studio.


Due to the many birthdays, Lucille studies the art of cake decoration.  She sculpts cake in cartoon characters, creates personalized wedding and anniversary cakes, and finds this sculpting medium a challenge.


After a visit to Malawi, Africa, Lucille produces a series of landscape and abstract paintings inspired by the African scenery and lifestyle.


Lucille returns to a professional career as a publicity manager creating logos and advertisements for radio, television, newspaper and the yellow pages.


The family now consists of eight children.  Twin daughters now complete her family.   She begins to research her family tree which she distributes to all extended family members.


Lucille volunteers her skills and services to many associations that support children and parents.  She becomes President of the Ottawa Twins Parents‘ Association and Vice President of The Parents of Multiple Births’ Association of Canada.  She creates logos and newsletters, and finds a job in the parent-child resources field.


Lucille writes children's stories, and teaches clay hand building in after-school programs, which begins her clay sculpting experience.


Lucille works as the Francophone Outreach Coordinator for the Parents’ Pre-school Resource Centre.  She sits on the Board of Directors of The Association des Services Prescolaire, Ottawa-Carleton.  She writes and publishes parenting books:  Toilet Training…with Love; Pipi…Popo; Twins-together/separate Win. She organizes and presents at various conferences for parents on parenting topics.


Lucille begins a double-concentration BA in Psychology and VisualArt at the University of Ottawa, where she studies drawing with Jennifer Dickson, R.A. (Royal Academy) and sculpture with Denis Rousseau.


She animates art activities for preschoolers at the Festival Franco-Ontarian and at the Tulip Festival.  She enters an art competition and is awarded 1st prize for an abstract realist collage-drawing of an Ottawa street.


With one BA under her belt, she enrolls for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and studies sculpture under Michel Goulet and painting with Jacqueline LeMoyne, as well as drawing with Trevor Gould and Richard Gorman.


An unusually busy year.  Now a single mother, Lucille enrolls in the Art Therapy Masters' Program at Concordia University in Montreal.  She continues her studies in post-modern art with Stan Horner, and works as a research assistant with Dr. David Pariser and Dr. Robert Pinsky.


She begins her Art Therapy career in a summer job at Warkworth Penal Institution in Ontario, and in the fall does an internship at Shawbridge Youth Correctional Centre in Quebec.


In the spring she exhibits in the Focus Magazine Show in Ottawa, and at the Open Door Exhibition at the University of Ottawa.  Gilles Gregoire et Rene Lavoie write the following on the toilet paper roll work: "J'ai trouve cette forme de sculpure-installation presque performatif, car en utilisant les espaces non-conventionnels, on reconnaissait une certaine volonte d'avant-garde."


Lucille takes a drawing course in Jesi, Italy with Jacqueline Delisle and participates in an exhibition at Villa Bourguignoni, Italy.  She then takes part in a Drawing in Italy Exhibition at Concordia University.


Now living in Montreal with her twin daughters, Lucille completes her Master’s Thesis:  The Reflection of the Self in the Art of Twins.


31 years of parallel careers as Artist and Art therapist


Lucille begins her art therapy Internship at the Montreal Children's Hospital, she is hired and works there for 15 years, and opens up a private practice.  


In February 1986 Lucille presents a multimedia installation, "En Suite," at the University of Ottawa Gallery.  In the spring she is invited to an Art Therapy Conference at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ont. where she exhibits her collage/painting works.


Since 1985 Lucille has shown an artistic interest in the storage sheds (hangars) of her neighbourhood.  In October 1992, at the Guy-Favreau Complex she exhibits a series of paintings called "Le Dernier Cri des Mastodontes de Tole." An article on this work is published in Le Guide de Mont-Royal.


To celebrate Montreal's 250th birthday, Lucille is invited to participate in an Art en Vitrine Exhibition. and she presents "Les Bouchons" in the windows of the record store "Le Free Son" on Mont Royal Avenue.


Lucille becomes art director for Café Granos with her "Bringing Art to the Public" series.  Her solo exhibition called "Distorsions Hangaroide" includes watercolours in the expanded works. 


Lucille celebrates her MA graduation with an exhibition of her African inspired works called:  "Cycle de la Vie".   Her sense of humour is in the forefront of her window display exhibition on Laurier Est.  This satire on Church and State is called:  "Ca Sert a Rien."  In March, the month dedicated to Women, she shows her work at Gallery Entre-Cadres on St. Laurent Boulevard.  The following October for Halloween, with friends and her daughter Victoria they present a show called "Incubussucubus."


In July she teaches at the School of Fine Arts in Kaslo-on-the-Lake, BC.  She participates in an Instructors’ Show, has "A Happening in the Forest" with her daughter Ali, and a solo exhibition in Montreal called "Kootenay Magic."


Lucille teaches drawing and painting courses to the employees of the Department of Child Psychiatry.  She is animator for professional development days in the hospital and mental health centres in the Montreal region.

Solo Exhibition of ‘ Rocky Mountain Studio’ in the foyer of the Montreal Children's Hospital:  Ste Catherine St., Montreal.


She becomes a member of Le Cercle des Artistes-peintres et sculpteurs du Quebec.  She shows regularly in salons in Quebec, and exhibits abroad.

* see list of exhibitions following chronology


She is invited to participate in the Competitons and in the International Visual Arts Gala.

Silver Medals : Fantasme, 1989; Ca sert a Rien 1984.

Bronze Medal:  La corde a linge et le Chapelet, 1990.

Gold Medals:  Lumiere jaune, 1984; 103 Clarence St. 1982.

Daughter Victoria Jodoin wins Prix d'Excellence for Le Hongrois, 1999.


Lucille is invited to the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in British Columbia to teach dyad art therapy.  She takes this opportunity to visit her daughter and the youngest of her 14 grandchildren.


Lucille prepares for her retirement and her move to Victoria BC.  An editor in England has agreed to publish her book, Strengthening Emotional Ties: Parent-Child-Dyad Art Therapy. 


She sets up a web page, and applies and is accepted to study at the Doctoral Degree Level in Art Therapy at Hertfortshire University in England. 


Digital Photographer Jean-Louis Filion is impassioned with her work and creates a CD of her collection.


Lucille has successfully moved to Victoria and teaches at the BC School of Art Therapy.  She supervises art therapists on site and on-line.  Lucille is unable to find the funds required to attend Hertfordshire U. in London, so is putting her dream of a PhD on the shelf. 

She becomes involved in Le Groupe the Femme of the Francophone Association of Victoria, and presents art workshops to the members.


She volunteers her skills as an Art Therapist with CUSO and accepts a posting in Thailand for two/three years.


Lucille, living now in Bangkok, devotes her knowledge and skills to helping Thai abused children in a residential home run by The Centre for the Protection of Child Rights (CPCR).  She is painting, showing and attempting to master Thai language.  She sent on outreach lectures to Universities and Art Schools in Bangkok to spread the information on Art Therapy.

She travels throughout South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal.


On return to Canada Lucille moves to the West Kootenays and lives in Winlaw near one of her twin daughters, enjoying watching the grandchildren grow.  She is an instructor at the Kutenay Art Therapy Institute in Nelson, BC.

She has a one man show exhibition at the Nelson Francophone Association.


She travel to Santiago, Chili, to visit her new daughter-in-law and lectures at the Art Therapy Department in Sh Universidade de Chili.


Now back in Victoria, Lucille is offered the post of Executive Director of the BC School of Art Therapy and, together with the Human Center in Bangkok, founded The International Program of Art Therapy in Thailand (IPATT). 



She volunteers in the Botany Dept. of the Royal Victoria Museum, and continues her volunteer work at the Information Desk.



Lucille is now one of the founding Directors of The Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT).   She established The Japan International Program of Art Therapy in Tokyo (JIPATT) after signing an affiliation agreement with the Quest Institute, Japan. 


Creating art is still one of her priorities, as she moves in theatre.  She joins the Monterey Senior Players, takes roles in plays, and acts in a variety of venues in Victoria, B.C.

She takes on a contract with Red Pencil in Singapore, to go to the Hagar Center for Children in Pnom phen Cambodia, to train the leaders and provide therapy to the clients.

She attends one of her Grandson’s wedding in Oh Chi Min City, Vietna



Lucille is recognized as family of the Montagnais Métis First Nation. Through her mother's blood line she now carries a Certificate of Innu First Nation Membership.

She attends IPATT first convocation in Bangkok.


In celebration of her 85th birthday in January, Lucille holds an Art Retrospective from 1960-2015, Phronesis, exhibiting her work at the Art Gallery of Cedar Hill Recreation Centre in Victoria, BC.


2016 She teaches Cii0101 Approaches and Interpretive methods online.

2017 She teaches at the 5 day Attachment Informed Certification Course

2017  Art Exhibition:  Phronesis.  Retrospective art from 1960 to 2015

2018  Recorded  Video to be transmitted in France:  Le Cerveau dans le Berceau

2019 Cairo  Egypt:  Dr. Gamal Abou El-Azayem Psychiatric Hospitals.  Jan 26 to Feb 6 teaching Attachment Informed Art Therapy.

2019  Haifa, Israel  Participated in Art therapy conference.

2020  Volunteer at Silver Threads Service for course Art for Anyone

2021  Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and underwent surgery.

2021  IPATT recorded  zoom discussions called:  Going on an Elephant Ride with Lucille.

2022 Art Exhibition the Woman on the Towel –Invited to Tunisia for International Conference

2022 Recorded video presentations for IPATT.

2022  Birth of my 10th Great Grandchild  Ember.

2023 Volunteer at Silver Threads Service.  Readers Theater Director.

2023 Spring:  Speaker at AATQ Conference in Montreal 


Lucille begins work on her new book, Attachment Informed Art Therapy:  Strengthening Emotional Ties Throughout the Lifetime.


In April, Lucille is honoured by the AATQ in Montreal and at Concordia U.


In June she renews her piano lessons, and practices daily.


*Exhibitions Abroad:

1996 La Poudriere St. Luc, Brouage, France.

1997 Centre d'Art et de Culture Pointe-a Pitre, Guadeloupe.

1998 Le Musee Regional de Kolin, Republique Tcheque.

2000 Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

2000 Temps Ou Tardes is rejected from the Salon


*Expositions in the salons du Cercle :

1996 Centre Culturel Brancusi, Montréal

1996 -1998 Office du Tourisme de Laval.

1996 Salon des Designers Spectra de Ville St. Laurent

1996 Chambre de Commerce St-Laurent à Montréal

1996 Salon le Ricochet du club de golf, Ste Marguerite-du-Lac Masson


Chambre de commerce du Montréal Métropolitain. Place Ville Marie, Montréal           .

1997-1999 Club de golf St. François

1997-1999 Salon V.I.P. Cristal, Ville Saint-Laurent

1998- 2000 Galerie d`Art, Le Cercle du Pluralisme

1998-1999 Marché Bonsecours, Vieux Montréal

1999 – 2001 Exposition à la galerie Le Baz-Art Inc., avenue Mont-Royal, Montréal.


Le Pluralisme dans l'art du Quebec, 1998 Guy Robert author.

Catalogo Da Exposicao, Universidade de Aveiro Portugal, 1999

Strengthening Emotional Ties through Parent-Child-Dyad Art Therapy, 2003. Lucille Proulx Author.

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